Amsterdam Drawing 2016

I will present a new series of work at Amsterdam Drawing 2016, with Dapiran Art Project Space.

New Realism

Feb-March 2016 Science Park Amsterdam

New Realism is a project about a new visual language.
For this exhibition artists, scientists and theorists experiment with a visual language that redefines the world through colors, patterns, and structures and a new visual logic.

Going through my archive I came across this photo by Regina Kelaita, of a girl looking into my work ‘I Know You Are There’ at The Last Session in 2009.
The Session is an ongoing publication project I am part of.

#9 The Last Session- a special edition around the theme Endism- was not only a publication, but also took the form of an exhibition and release party with cinema, bands and performances among other events.
We are currently updating the Session website.