Rietveld Uncut

Rietveld Uncut is an annual presentation by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie I initiate and organize together with Tomas Adolfs since 2009. Within the Gerrit Rietveld Academie the process of making, from concept to work, is an important element throughout the whole study. Every year a new topic is being delved into, from both theoretic and artistic points of view, followed by an exhibition and performance program. Since 2013 we are collaborating with the theoretical program of the academy, Studium Generale. The collaboration between these two programs has been leading up to an interconnected conference festival and exhibition from 2013 onwards. After being warmly hosted by Flemish House of Culture de Brakke Grond for several years, last years’ and 2019’s collaboration take place in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

More information about previous editions can be found here and here.


September 27–October 1, 2017
Opening: Wednesday, September 27, 16:00–21:00
Finissage: Sunday, October 1, 16:00–21:00

Bad Kitten-Bas Medik-Black Wednesdays-Bucket Boyz-Diana Ozon-End of the Road Cinema with Jeffrey Babcock-Eric Nordin-Ewan Cameron-Felicia von Zweigbergk-Freek Wambacq-Gerard Mostert-Gerbrand Burger-Hanna Gustavsson-Hilma af Klint-Hubert Bouwers-Kalle Runeson-Karl Georg Staffan Björk-Monica Tormell-Nathalie Snel-Nicole Martens-Noiserr-Parkeerplaats-Peggy Frank-Radna Rumping-Robin Watkins-Sander Janzweert-Scapeous-Shadows-Tarja Szaraniec



Solo show at Dapiran Art Project Space, Utrecht
29/10 – 17/12/ 2016